Monday, November 7, 2011

When Beckham came into our lives

11/1/11 the love of our life came into the world. He is the story of Beckham Cole Weekley coming into our lives. I have been in denial I was ever going to have a baby never could get my self to finish anything finish organizing the house finish his room pack the hospital bag. I have been dilated to a 3 for. Month now and get contractions all the time just never consistent enough. I could not ever walk around Walmart with out getting such bad contractions I would feel like I was going to pass out. Then Adam got food poising on Friday and we stayed home all weekend and just relaxed. then on Sunday night I started to get sick was sick all night long. Work up called my midwife cause I could not stop throwing up they asked me to come in and get checked out. We Got there and they had me go to the hospital to get fluids and to have them help me to stop throwing up. Adam took me there we spend 2 hours getting more fluids in me and then they sent me home. They said I could be in the stages of pre labor. I went home went to sleep.

I had my weekly check up the next day. I went to my apt at 9:00 am they wanted to monitor the baby's heart bet. The test usually takes 20 min they had me hooked up for over 50 min and I guess did not like what they saw. They then had me do an ultra sound. The ultra sound tech watched for about 20 min and Beckham had a good heart beat was not moving we tried everything to get him to move but he would only make small jerks. So she finished the test and went out and talked to the DR and talked to the midwife and they decided they think it would be good if I were to get induced that day. they told me I could wait tell thursday and they would be comfortable with that as well. Of course I was not all I was thinking is why was I he not moving does he had his umbilacord around his neck of corse I thought the worst. They told me to go home and talk to Adam and decide what to do. So I was trying to hold off going in because Adam really needed to be at work tell 3. So my mom went with me to walmart to see if i could put my self into labor. Got everything bought that i needed and then went to my parents. Then i called at 1 to see if the hospital could take me and sure enough they could and asked me to come right down. So my mom drove me home to pack my hospital bag and we were off.

I got to the hospital at 2 they got me all checked in and got me to my room and started me on Patosin about 3 then Adam finally arrived and relieved my mom for a couple hours. At about 4:30 I got my epidural. That was nice :) so then all the family started to show. We are lucky enough to have both very loving families who live close. So yes we had a full room for a while. Then at about 9 I was starting to feel really uncomfortable I could start to feel the contractions and bad pressure. So we called the nurse in to check me I had been at a 4 1/2 forever then I went from a 5 to a 7 so at 9 I needed another dose of epidural cause it was wearing off. So they called the anistaligoist in and he gave me more then left. I was still so uncomfortable so I called the nurse back in and she decided to check me again and I was at a 10 and told me it was time with in 1 hour I went from a 5 to a 10. I started crying cause I was so nervous Adam is amazing and calmed me down. Must I say he gets a medal he was the most amazing coach so loving and helpful I could not of done it with out him. He wanted to be apart of everything he even asked my midwife if he could catch the baby and she let him help. So I pushed for 25 min and there he was. So perfect in every way. I never really knew how I would feel having a baby it was so weird to me having this baby in your stomic for 10 month then all the sudden they lay him on your chest and the over whelming feeling of love you feel for that child. (i was so concerned i would not feel that way. Cause i have Been in such denial about everything my whole pregnancy it never felt real for me.) It's was no longer just something in my stomic this was my baby. It was am amazing experience for Adam and I.

Not only did I not think I could love someone so instantly but also my love for Adam grew so much in that instant as well. He is such an amazing husband he always takes care of me this was a really hard pregnancy for me and Adam was ALWAYS there for me to get me anything I needed rub my feet rub my back hold me when I cry over DUMB things he has been the most supportive husband. I have grown to love and appreciate Adam more and more every day. He is such an amazin dad already he loves Beckham so much adam surprises me every day.

Beckham Cole Weekley was born at 10:07 pm weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces and 20 inc long. When he was born he cried a little bit when he came out stopes crying when they put him on my chest and then they took him away to clean him and weigh him then he cried again then they gave him back and stopes crying. anytime he was with me he did not cry. It's weird how they know it's you and feel safe when you are holding them. So then family was able to come in and adore him as much as we do. Oh by then my epidural had finally kicked in my legs were so head I could nit feel my feel, I started to get the shakes and feel nauseous and exhausted. I never could of done it all the way with out the epidural i actually loved being able to feel some so i knew when to push and i think thats why my labor went faster cause i wanted him out. but sucked feeling that way at the end. So everyone left around 11:30 I did not know Adam was going to go with the baby to clean him and everyone had just left so I was in the room all alone with the shakes and nauseous overly exhausted and very emotional it was not good. Then my nurse came in to take me down stairs and I could not go cause I felt so sick they had to go and get me something to eat ( i had not eaten in 2 days cause i was so sick the day before and so nervous when i found out i was getting induced then when you get there they don't let you eat) they give me medicine in my iv to stop the nausea that took about 40 min. ( next time I will make sure to have someone stay with me). Finally able to go down stairs to be with Adam and my new baby. Did not get down stairs tell after 12:30 Adam gives me Beckham and I just stared at him Adam says do you want me to take him? I am feeling so bad at this moment that I don't want to hold my new baby I started crying and said yes I just need to go to sleep. So he had the nurse come get him so we could get some sleep. I am laying there feeling bad I finally fall asleep and then wake up to the nurse rolling him in for his feeding. At that moment it hit me more that I am a mom and I get to take care of this beautiful little angel. ( needless to say breast feeding is not easy it's a lot of work and hurts) I was in heaven though. The next morning Adam and my self could not wait for them to roll him in so we could hold him.

So then Wednesday night we find out Beckham had jaundice so he had to be under the lights all night all day Thursday and Friday night. We were able to come home Friday morning. Adam was ready to leave after day 1 I was not! I could of stayed longer. :) I now do everything I say I would never do. Hahahah I said I would not let him sleep in bed with us that happens every night :) on Sunday my mom asked if we put him down. Me and Adam look at each other and said no hahahah we are so in love and just want to hold and cuddle with him all night. Beckham defently has both his mom and dad wrapped around his little finger that's for sure. Never though I would be someone to love the new born stage I cry thinking about him growing up. I have changed so much just from having Beckham nothing is more important then Adam and Beckham. You will never be fully ready to have a baby but its the best thing that has ever happened to us and we feel so blessed to have him in our lives. We are so blessed to have such an amazing baby and to have each other. Can't wait for what's ahead in our lives. Sorry this is such a long post there are pictures to come!


Gingerlylizzy said...

*tears* So cute. Love you guys and little Beckham!